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Why Study Abroad in Singapore?

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Singapore is ranked sixth in the Global Innovation Index (2016) and 6th worldwide as per the QS Best Student Cities (2016). It has a top-quality education system and these rankings are a testament to its high level of academics. It has gained international reputation and offers not just quality education and research, but an experience like no other. The influx of students from all across the world to Singapore has been increasing since years. Here are a few of the many reasons why you should study abroad in Singapore.

Top Reasons Why You Should Study in Singapore

Comprehensive Education System

Singapore is known for its outstanding education system and top-class teaching methods. It offers students a global perspective and a wide array of fields of study. There are a slew of top-ranked higher education institutions in Singapore. Two of the best universities of Singapore are ranked within the Top 15 Universities in the World- the Nanyang Technological University and the National University of Singapore. And, what truly sets Singaporean higher education system apart is that the universities in Singapore have collaboration and international tie-ups with several universities and associations across the world, thus making it truly an international study destination.

Groundwork for Future

Studying in Singapore offers an experience of a lifetime and also lays down the foundation for a positive and bright future. It inculcates relevant skills, knowledge and abilities to survive and thrive in today’s competitive environment. The higher education institutions in Singapore use experimental and practical based teaching approach, which is highly beneficial in all spheres of life. A mix of educational, cultural and social skills is imparted in the students that definitely add weight to your resume. It prepares students for today and tomorrow.

Affordable Living and Studying Costs

The general cost of studying and living in Singapore is less as compared to USA, UK and Australia.  The average cost of studying in Singapore is US$10,000 per year, though it varies depending on the institution and course of study. The average cost of living in Singapore varies between $750 and $2000 per month, although it varies depending on the location, type of accommodation and facilities.

Strong and Stable Economy

Singapore boasts a stable economy and has a reputation as a financial hub of Southeast Asia. It is consistently rated as one of the best countries to work and do business. It offers limitless career opportunities to students from diverse fields.

Employment Opportunities Abound

Singaporean higher education institutions have strong connections with different sector industries. Several major companies have set their base in Singapore, thus internships, part-time work, practical training, and employment opportunities abound here. International students can work part-time up to 16 hours a week to support themselves economically.

Cosmopolitan and Safe Country

On the world map, Singapore may appear as a small red dot, but it bustles with vibrant activities throughout the day. It is packed with restaurants, shopping spots, entertainment venues, and cultural and recreational attractions. There is never a dull moment here. Strategically located in the heart of Asia, Singapore is a beautiful and lively place to live, work and study. In terms of safety, Singapore has low crime rates and strict laws ensuring safety for all.

No Language Barrier

The USP of Singapore education system is that there is no language barrier. It is an English-speaking country. The official educational language is English, which is very well spoken and understood by all. International students can easily acclimate to the lifestyle and culture here, all thanks to its 4 official languages- English, Tamil, Malay and Mandarin.

Diverse Student Community

Singapore is a melting pot of cultures with several different cultural and ethnic groups living together harmoniously. It embraces diversity to its fullest. The East and West blend beautifully here, thus exposing students to a culturally diverse environment. Students from across the world flock to Singapore to study and thus creating a diverse student community. Students get a chance to explore and learn about different cultures of the world within Singapore itself, as well as build lifelong relationships.

Exciting Campus Life

Singapore offers a great campus life. Not just classroom knowledge and training is the focus here, additionally it encourages students to pursue their hobby and have an active social life. The universities in Singapore have many social clubs catering to the needs and interests of the students. Be it drama, dance, music, sports, culture, history, geography, astronomy, volunteer activity or any other field, the campus life in Singapore accommodates every interest and hobby.

Financial Assistance Opportunities Galore

It is easy to get financial assistance in Singapore. Financial aid in the form of bursaries, scholarships, grants and loans is offered to the students. The Ministry of Education Singapore as well as the higher education institutions in Singapore offers scholarships, fellowships and grants for international students. International students are offered a tuition grant by the Singaporean Ministry of Education.

Easy and Convenient Accessibility

The transportation network of Singapore is well-planned and developed, making it easy and seamless to get in and around the nation. It is well-connected by air, road and sea. Mass Rapid Transit lines (MRT), bus service, rental cars and taxis/cabs make it easy and comfortable to mosey around Singapore. It provides the best of its service suited to all preferences and pockets. Concessions are available to students on public buses and MRT.

By adding Singapore in your study abroad destination list, you’re just a step away from being a part of a global community and gaining a top-class educational experience!