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How to fund your study in Singapore?

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How to fund your study in Singapore?:Singapore has emerged as a student hub. Every year, several thousands of students from all around the world, flock to Singapore. One of the major reasons behind the great influx of international students in Singapore is a plethora of funding options available in Singapore, which includes the tuition grants offered by the Singapore Ministry of Education, scholarships offered by the Singaporean Universities, and student loans.  A majority of international students in Singapore are provided with some kind of grant.

Ways To Fund Your Higher Studies in Singapore

Avail Tuition Grant

The Tuition Grant is a scheme that was initiated in 1980 by the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) to subsidize the cost of higher studies in the country. According to the Tuition Grant Scheme (TGS), students enrolled in full-time undergraduate or diploma programs in a few listed higher education institutions in Singapore are eligible for subsidies. Upto S$210 subsidies are offered to international students in Singapore every year.

Apply for Scholarships

The Singapore Ministry of Education offers SIA Youth Scholarship for Indian students. It is a pre-university scholarship awarded to Indian students who wish to enroll in the junior colleges in Singapore. The scholarship lasts for 2 years and leads to an award- Cambridge General Certificate of Education ‘Advanced’ (GCE ‘A’ Level) certificate. The aspirant should have completed class X and possess a minimum of 85% or grade A with English as a First language. This scholarship offers an annual allowance of S$2400 along with the hostel accommodation. Other benefits include return economy class air ticket, accident insurance and other medical benefits.

Get student loans

If scholarships and Singapore tuition grant scheme did not work for you, the other way to fund your study in Singapore is “Education Loan”. In India, Credila is an education loan provider that offers loans to Indian students who wish to study abroad. The loan is granted at acceptable interest rates. Other financial institutions and banks also provide student loan options.

Start working Part-time

Students may work part-time to fund their study in Singapore; the permission to work during study in Singapore is determined by the university the student is accepted in. Some universities in Singapore permit the students to work up to 16 hours a week. Also, there are universities that allow students to work on-campus and earn money, like the National University of Singapore has a scheme NUS Student Work Scheme that allows international students to work on-campus and gain money as well as work experience; the National Technological University has an online job portal to help students search for part-time or full-time jobs. All you need in order to work during the study is the Student’s Pass. To know whether the institution of higher learning in Singapore can give the permit to work during study, check out the Ministry of Manpower