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Entrance Exams for Studying in Singapore

entrance exams for study in singapore

Singapore is one of the preferred study destination for students from India and abroad.  The world-class education structure, top academics, value for money, a stable economy and great job prospects have made Singapore one of the top study abroad destinations. The reasons to study in Singapore are ... read more

How Much Does It Cost To Study In Singapore

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Singapore has become one of the top study destinations among the international students. The country is home to several world-class universities- public, private and branch campuses of foreign universities. MBA, Engineering, Masters, Law and Medicine are the top programmes offered by the Singaporean... read more

A Student’s Guide to Living in Singapore

Today, students take into consideration plenty of things before selecting the study abroad destination and university. Academics and presence of top-notch institutions is undoubtedly the first and foremost thing that is taken into consideration. But there are several other things, too, that are take... read more

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


How to know whether the higher education institution is accredited? The Singapore government has some accrediting agencies that are administered by the SPRING (Standards, Productivity and Innovation Board) Singapore or MOE (Ministry of Education) Singapore to accredit the educational institutions... read more

How to fund your study in Singapore?

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How to fund your study in Singapore?:Singapore has emerged as a student hub. Every year, several thousands of students from all around the world, flock to Singapore. One of the major reasons behind the great influx of international students in Singapore is a plethora of funding options available in ... read more