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Thinking about studying in Singapore, you are at right place to get started with your study abroad journey. Singapore is one of the preferred study destination for Indian students. The world-class education structure, top academics, value for money, a stable economy and great job prospects have made Singapore one of the top study abroad destinations.

Singapore is ranked sixth in the Global Innovation Index (2016) and 6th worldwide as per the QS Best Student Cities (2016). It has a top-quality education system and these rankings are a testament to its high level of academics.

Why Study in Singapore?

Singapore is a beautiful and safe place to live, work and study. It is melting pot of cultures with several different cultural and ethnic groups living together harmoniously. The transportation network of Singapore is well-planned and developed, making it easy and seamless to get in and around the nation

Singapore is known for its outstanding education system and top-class teaching methods. Singapore boasts a stable economy and has a reputation as a financial hub of Southeast Asia. The USP of Singapore education system is that there is no language barrier.

The general cost of studying and living in Singapore is less as compared to USA, UK and Australia. Singaporean education institutions have strong connections with different sector industries and provides varies employment opportunities all around.

Admission Requirements to Study in Singapore

higher studies in singaporeStudent’s Pass is one of the most important and basic requirement for international student who plans to pursue his /her higher studies in the Singapore. Student needs to fulfil university specific eligibility along with entrance exam criteria to get admit into their choice course. It is important to know application process in detailed before applying to Singapore university.

What ate the entrance tests for studying in Singapore?

Entrance exams are the standardized ways of assessing the applicants who wish to study in Singapore. The English language proficiency tests accepted by Singaporean Universities include TOEFL and IELTS. Some universities may require other aptitude test for specific courses in universities of Singapore. SAT is for admission to undergraduate course. GRE conducted by (ETS) is aptitude test for postgraduate courses in Singapore. GMAT is widely accepted across Singapore for post graduate courses in management/ business/ finance. Know details of exams required to get into Singapore Universities.

What to Study in Singapore?

MS is much in demand today and it’s only going to increase over time. Singapore is one of the best study abroad destinations to pursue MS studies. The country is home to many world-class universities offering the MS program in a diverse range of disciplines. Click to know more for MS in Singapore

MBA in Singapore is generally about 12 to 18 months. The B-schools in Singapore have become an appealing and favoured choice for plenty of MBA aspirants, mainly Indian applicants. Take a look at the few reasons why you should pursue MBA in Singapore.

What is the cost of Study in Singapore?

cost of study in singaporeThe cost of study in Singapore varies per type of program, the university chosen and duration of course. Cost of living in Singapore is low as compared to other study abroad destinations though it has high standard of living. It includes expenses on accommodation, food, groceries, books, and travel.

How to fund your study in Singapore?

Higher education in Singapore has emerged as a student hub. One of the major reasons behind the great influx of international students in Singapore is a plethora of funding options available in Singapore, which includes the tuition grants offered by the Singapore Ministry of Education, scholarships offered by the Singaporean Universities, and student loans. A majority of international students in Singapore go with these funding options, know where and how to look for same.

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