Tips For Singaporean Student Visa

student visa tips

Singaporean Student Visa is one of the pivotal elements that allow you to study and live in Singapore.  The journey to studying abroad in Singapore starts with your Singaporean Student Visa Application. The Singaporean Student Visa process is straightforward. The  visa application has to be passed through the ICA (Immigration & Checkpoints Authority Singapore). We have listed a few tips that will help you prepare for the Singaporean Student Visa Application and Interview efficiently and confidently. Take a look-

Tip 1: Know the ins and outs of the Singaporean Student Visa application

Before applying for a Singaporean Student Visa, it is important to contact the university/college you are admitted and know whether you need the student visa or not and the criteria of applying for it. The criteria for Singaporean Student Visa may vary as per the educational institutes and educational levels. The visa in Singapore is referred to as “Pass” and you need to apply for it at least one month before the commencement of the course.

Tip 2: Get your documentation ready before applying for Student Visa

Documentation needed for a Student Visa includes a valid passport, disembarkation/embarkation card for entry into Singapore, 2-3 recent color passport-size photos taken on white background, eForm 16 printout, in-principle approval letter copy, ICA prescribed format medical report and official English translation of documents (if documents are in native language).

Tip 3: Know your course/degree program well and how suitable it is for your career plans and goals

Demonstrate that you know the course to which you are accepted and the significance it holds in your career plans. Understanding between the course chosen and the career plan is critical as it displays your dedication and commitment.

Tip 4: Communicate Effectively

The interview for Student Visa is conducted in English, so practice your English language skills well. If you are unable to answer in English, fret not! You can call for an interpreter. The crucial thing is to communicate your point. Your ability to communicate clearly and effectively with the ICA officials will help in moving your Singaporean Student Visa application towards acceptance.

Tip 5: Project Transparency, Honesty and Confidence during student visa interview

Be confident and honest while giving answers. Also, do not hide and misguide the interviewer with your answers or fraudulent documents. Providing false and vague information may lead to cancellation of your student visa application. So, prepare a bit for the interview as this will build your confidence.

Tip 6: Be Clear and Concise while giving answers to the interviewer

The interview officials have hundreds of student visa applications, which leave them with less time for each candidate. The first few minutes are utmost important and are sufficient to make an impression on the interview officials. They are critical to the approval of the student visa application. So keep your answers clear, complete, fluent and to the point. But, if the interviewer enjoys the discussion, you can stretch your answers or speech a tad bit.

Tip 7: Keep an Optimistic Attitude during Interview

Positive attitude, politeness and calm demeanor portray a good side of you in front of the interview officials and this may work wonders in the student visa interview process.

Tip 8: Be prepared to demonstrate your financial stability

Collect the credible proof that states your capability to defray your academic and living expenses in Singapore for the entire study period. It is important to demonstrate that you are financially healthy and capable enough to pay for your education in Singapore.

Tip 9: Practice a list of anticipated student visa questions

Rehearse the below mentioned student visa questions couple of times and then you are ready to go.

  • Why did you choose to study in Singapore?
  • Why did your apply to this particular university/college and degree program?
  • What are your career plans?
  • Who is financing your studies?
  • Will you immigrate to Singapore after completion of studies?
  • Do you have any relatives in Singapore?
  • What will you do after completion of your degree program?
  • Does your course have substantial job options in Singapore?

Tip 10: Some additional tips for Singaporean Student Visa Interview

  • Dress neat and formally. The first impression will be in regards to your outward appearance.
  • Keep direct eye-contact; maintain a polite tone of voice and a relaxed body language.
  • Do not fumble, stutter or give elaborate answers.
  • Be on time for the student visa interview at the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority office.
  • Do not furnish crushed or torn documents. They should be presentable.
  • Put adequate money in your bank account at least one month before submitting your student visa application. The balance in your account must be at least equivalent to your course fees and other expenses required in Singapore.


Needless to say that Student Visa is a crucial part of the study abroad process, so prepare well in advance. Being prepared, confident, honest and polite is the best route to Singaporean Student Visa application success!