Student Visa for Singapore

singapore student visa

If you are planning to study abroad in Singapore, you may need a student visa and a student pass. A student pass is a document that assures that you have been accepted by the designated educational institution in Singapore and also authorizes you to enter the country as an International Student. The student’s pass application process for Singapore is easy and straightforward. With that being said, we have compiled all the information on the student visa and pass for Singapore.

Types of Visa in Singapore

International Students who want to study in Singapore require a visa. The international students who are accepted to study at the institution in Singapore are issued a letter of approval from the respective university that works as a visa. Such students are not required to apply for a visa separately as it is issued with their IPA letter (in-principal approval) which is provided by the university/institution. International students can show in-principal approval letter at the entry checkpoint of Singapore for entry into the country.

Also, there is one more document required for studying in Singapore- Student Pass.  International Students who want to pursue full-time education in Singapore are required to apply for Student Pass, only after you have received an acceptance letter/admission letter from the educational institution in Singapore. However, if you possess an Immigration Exemption Order or a Dependent Pass or a short-term visit pass, in that case, you do not need to apply for a student pass.

International students under following categories require a student pass- approved private education organization, childcare center registered with MSF, Foreign system schools, Government or Independent schools, institute of technical education, polytechnics and universities.